• 5 lb Chicken Drumsticks
  • 12 oz package of Bacon
  • 18 oz bottle Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce
  • Toothpicks

So what if its 40 degrees outside?  Does the grill still work?  Are you hungry for tasty grilled meats?  Throw on a heavy coat, your hat and gloves, drag that grill out into the driveway and fire it up!  Grilling in the winter out of the question? Here’s a family recipe that will please everyone from the hardcore griller to the holed-up housewife.


  1. Wrap each chicken drumstick (meat end) with a piece of bacon and secure it with a toothpick.
  2. Cooking Instructions:
  • (Bake) 1 – 1.5hrs @ 350 degrees.  Rotate every 20 minutes to cook evenly.
  • (Grill) 20 – 30 mins over medium heat.  Rotate frequently to cook evenly.

*Chicken will be fully cooked when the bacon is crispy.

3.  Brush with BBQ sauce the last 15 mins of cook time.

4.  Enjoy!